Annick Goutal

Grand Amour

Grand Amour is the Perfume of Femininity, Sensuality, Passion and speaks of love because "love is everything.."

Eau de Sud

This Refreshing Scent from Annick Goutal Conjures up Memories of Long Hot Summers Soaking up the Sun in Provence and Tuscany.

Rose Splendide

A Beautiful Fragrance Reminiscent of a Stroll in the Garden Created in Memory of Annick Goutal's Passion for Roses


Passion is the first Fragrance that Annick Goutal Created for Herself and Depicts a Passionate Woman In Love With Life.

Eau d'Hadrien

Eau d'Hadrian is Full of Fresh Citrus Scents Combined with Woody and Camphorated notes to Spark the Senses

Gardenia Passion

Gardenia Passion is an Infinitely Beautiful Scent for the Feminine Woman Inspired by a Trip to the Japanese Town of Kyoto