Exclusives Collection 2014

Coin Bracelet

18 Kt Gold Antique Coin Bracelet with Emeralds and Pave Diamonds, Inspired by the Words ‘Precious Love’ by Azza Fahmy

Eternity Chevalier Ring

Make a Forever Declaration of Love with this Beautiful Eternity Chevalier Ring in 18Kt Gold with Pave Diamonds by Azza Fahmy

Sculpture Earrings

18kt Gold Sculpture Earrings Inspired by the Modern Lines of Architectural Buildings and Persian Empire Motifs by Azza Fahmy

Sculpture Earrings by Azza Fahmy

Striking Pair of Sculpture Earrings in 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver, Inspired by the Architectural Lines of Modern Buildings around the Globe.

Architectural Earrings

Geometric in Style, these Architectural Earrings by Azza Fahmy are Inspired by Modern Buildings and 17th Century Persian Empire Motifs

Architectural Necklace – Long

This Dramatic Geometric Design Architectural Necklace is Inspired by Modern Architecture across the Globe by Egyptian Jeweller Azza Fahmy

Architectural Pendant Necklace – Short

The Architectural Short Pendant Necklace in 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver is Part of the Exclusives Collection 2014 by Azza Fahmy

Lotus Button Earrings

18kt Gold and Pave Diamonds Button Earrings Celebrating the Lotus Flower, the Blossom of Life and Creation by Azza Fahmy

Lotus Charm Earrings

A Beautiful Pair of 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings set with Pave Diamonds from the Exclusives Collection by Azza Fahmy

Coin Necklace

18Kt Gold Coin Necklace Reminiscent of Antique Coins, Set with Precious Blue Sapphire Stones and Pave Diamonds by Azza Fahmy

Coin Bracelet with Tourmaline

Exquisite 18Kt Gold and Sterling Silver Coin Bracelet with the words ‘The Heart Adores all that is Beautiful’ by Contemporary Jeweller Azza Fahmy

Coin Necklace with Tourmaline

18Kt Gold with Sterling Silver Matching Necklace with Tourmaline Stones, Inspired by Words Sung by Umm Kulthum by Azza Fahmy

Eternity Earrings

Exquisite Button Earrings in 18Kt Gold and Pave Diamonds with the Inscription ‘My Eternity’ sung by Egyptian Icon, Umm Kulthum

Eternity Bracelet

This Stunning Eternity Bracelet with 18Kt Gold and Pave Diamonds Bears the Words ‘My Eternity’ sung by Egyptian Icon Umm Kulthum