Semiramis – Yellow Gold Cuff

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This Exquisite 18kt Yellow Gold Cuff with white diamonds is designed with the delicate filigree pattern found in ancient, sacred geometry.

This Semiramis collection incorporates the powerful and mysterious shape of the Flower of Life. This 6,000 year old pattern, which holds the foundation of many geometrical laws of the universe is believed to have healing powers…

Dionea Orcini Jewelry is a collection of precious and fine jewellery pieces inspired by Ancient, Sacred symbols. Divided into four sources of inspiration, the range is comprised of a number of mystical collections including: Alchemist, Lasya, Jaipur, Linee Misteriose and Semiramis to name a few..

With a particular passion for rose gold, often paired with white and black gold, Dionea uses diamonds and precious gemstones set in 18K gold, aswell as pave with diamonds and sapphires in endless colour combinations. Each piece exquisitely hand crafted and sculpted by master jewellers from around the world, tells a story – a powerful message of symbolism based on ancient philosophies…

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18kt Yellow Gold


White Diamonds - 2.268ct


Length 54mm x Width 84mm
Depth 45mm