Star Sign Charm Aries

Price: £700.00
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The Star Sign Charm – Aries. A 9 carat gold fluid star sign charm. It is sold without a chain.

Part of the Vita Collection designed by the British designer Susannah King. The Vita Collection (Vita meaning “life”)  is inspired by the concept and construction of all things created; Art, People, Buildings and more. Each Vita Jewel has a uniquely shaped structure to mimic the cells of creativity that ultimately form an “idea” through thoughts, passion, individual skill and ability.

Susannah King is a third generation designer goldsmith based in London. Trained by her family, and at the British Academy of Jewellery in London’s renowned Hatton Garden, King has adopted modern philosophies of sustainability and responsible sourcing.  King has created internationally sold jewellery designs for notable establishments such as Paul Smith and the Amsterdam Fashion institute. After going from strength to strength in the jewellery and fashion worlds, King has opted to ensure that her signature colourful, bold jewels are completely sustainable.


9 Carat Yellow Gold