Evil Eye T-Lock Bracelet

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The Evil Eye T-Lock Bracelet is an 18kt Gold and Sterling silver T-Lock bracelet adorned with semi precious stones, calligraphy and charms that symbolizes protection from the evil eye.

Part of the Talisman Collection from Azza Fahmy celebrating the symbol of the Evil Eye. Of Egyptian origins the evil eye is known to protect against curses by a malevolent glare. The scissors, originating from Ancient Egyptian times, is placed above doors in middle-eastern cultures to protect from evil influences. the Iraqi doll is a symbol of protection. The snake, also representing protection, is the symbol which holds all talisman charms together…

Egyptian born contemporary jewellery designer Azza Fahmy trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts.


18kt Gold and Sterling Silver


Coral -Turquoise,
Coral -Turquoise -Lapis