Star and Moon Charm by Azza Fahmy

Star and Moon Charm

Price: £360.00
Star Charm by Azza Fahmy

Star Charm

Was: £265.00
Price: £260.00
Charm Spacer Beads by Valentine’s Collection

Charm Spacer Beads

Price: from £60.00
‘Happiness’ Charm Bracelet by Azza Fahmy

‘Happiness’ Charm Bracelet

Price: £665.00
18kt Gold and Silver Charm by Azza Fahmy

18kt Gold and Silver Charm

Price: £385.00
Locket Charm by Azza Fahmy

Locket Charm

Price: £605.00
Key of Life Charm by Azza Fahmy

Key of Life Charm

Price: £220.00
Kalli Cuff by Kaligarh

Kalli Cuff

Price: £205.00
Sinkhwa Cuff by Kaligarh

Sinkhwa Cuff

Price: £185.00
Thoka Bracelet by Kaligarh

Thoka Bracelet

Price: £205.00
Stackable Floral Bangle by Azza Fahmy

Stackable Floral Bangle

Price: £945.00
Fool’s Claw Cuff by Imogen Belfield

Fool’s Claw Cuff

Price: £1,012.00
Leather Silver Star Bracelet by Tomasz Donocik

Leather Silver Star Bracelet

Price: £265.00
Wings Cuff by Azza Fahmy

Wings Cuff

Price: £4,055.00
Diamond Moon Star Bracelet by Azza Fahmy

Diamond Moon Star Bracelet

Price: £805.00
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