Palm Tea Cup and Saucer

Price: £30.00
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The Palm Tea Cup and Saucer is part of a Tea Cup & Saucer collection by Sasha Tugolukova. Inspired by the Russian Folk Art ‘khochloma’, (a traditional Russian wood painting technique using colourful flower motifs), these exquisitely illustrated tea cups and saucers are as much collectible works of art as they are functional pieces. Traditionally screen printed using Sasha’s unique illustrations, this stylish collection is made from fine bone china from Stoke-on-Trent and finished with a 22k gold rim.

Sasha Tugolukova Tea Cups and Saucers are Part of the ‘Mask’ collection which seeks to challenge our perception of beauty and imperfection. In this surreal collection drawn floral motifs highlight the complexity and ambiguity of the natural world when composed into multi-faceted ‘Masks’.


Fine Bone China


Saucer Diameter 160mm