Bells Silver Charm Bracelet

Price: £330.00
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The Bells Silver Charm Bracelet by Azza Fahmy, comes with sterling silver cone charms adorned with geometric motifs and semi precious stones of Faceted Dark Amethyst and Cabouchon Amethyst.

Inspired by the raw and primitive traditional geometric motifs found in many forms of textiles, beading and murals, that form the richest and most significant elements of the African Heritage.

This beautiful silver charm bracelet is part of The Africa Collection by Egyptian Contemporary Jewellery Designer Azza Fahmy.




Egyptian born contemporary jewellery designer Azza Fahmy trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Every piece in the Africa Collection by Egyptian Jewellery brand, Azza Fahmy,  tells a story that has been handcrafted by more than 200 artisans celebrating the past and present. Azza Fahmy pays homage in this latest gold and silver jewellery collection to Africa’s heritage and traditions.





Sterling Silver


Faceted Dark Amethyst - Cabouchon Amethyst