Jaipur Antique Ring

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The Jaipur Antique Ring. Capturing both the opulence of Indian jewellery and the elegance of antique European design, this eye-catching ring is a perfect embodiment of the Jaipur collection. Handmade from 18ct gold on sterling silver, it features an oval yellow quartz with Rhodolite accents in a luxurious matte finish. Yellow quartz is said to bless the wearer with optimism, wellbeing and creativity. It helps the mind to find clarity and instils a positive outlook.

Donatella Balsamo is an Italian, London-based designer specialising in luxury hand-crafted, exotic jewellery, combining a classical and antique feel with a contemporary twist. Aiming to take its customers on a magical journey, Donatella combines the mystical world of the East with the haute couture principles of the West to create eye-catching statement pieces. It is Donatella’s penchant for multicoloured cabochon-cut stones set on matte silver that ties the brand together, giving her jewellery a charming, vintage-heritage aesthetic – with a hint of glamour.


18ct Yellow Gold
Sterling Silver


Yellow Quartz


Approximate stone size - 1.5cm