Felix Stud

Frances Wadsworth Jones
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The Felix Stud is a playful stud earring in 18 karat Yellow Gold and 9mm Pearl with Cat Ears Motif and Butterfly Fixing.

Part of the ‘Who?’ Collection by Frances Wadsworth Jones, Jones combines preciousness, humour and wit to create a fun twist on classic pearl jewellery. With ‘Who?’, Frances Wadsworth Jones continues to provide comic relief in the serious world of fine jewellery.

Frances Wadsworth Jones is a London based Fine Jewellery designer committed to quality and originality. Her playfully perceptive and quietly provocative style is evident in her intricate collections that combine traditional forms with a surreal twist.

Frances was selected in 2016 for the Rock Vault jewellery initiative pioneered by Stephen Webster MBE, to support, showcase and promote Britain’s most innovative fine jewellery talent.

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18k White Gold


9mm Pearl