Wave Earrings

Price: £1,745.00
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The Wave Earrings are handcrafted in Germany from German recycled 18 karat gold, and set with 24 synthetic Eco diamonds from Switzerland. They roll in, adorn themselves with crowns of foam, wipe across the beach – a tireless, graceful and meditative movement that was the model for Maren Jewellery’s Waves earrings.

Part of Maren Jewellery’s Memories of the Sea Collection – “They are sometimes our most beautiful, our deepest and most formative memories: those of the sea. Whether it’s the pictures that show us as children, marvelling in disbelief at the swaying masses of water, or the longing that the sea triggers in us, somewhere between the sky and the water. The sound of the sea is for us like a promise: There is more, there is reason to dream, there is hope!”

Maren Jewellery only use recycled gold and silver for their jewellery; Urban mining protects our environment and minimises the use of energy. All of their diamonds are lab-grown, so they know who grew them and under what conditions.


18ct Recycled Yellow Gold


Synthetic Eco Diamonds


Length - 14.5mm
Width - 6mm