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The Anthropologie necklace by Bea Valdes is a uniquely distinctive statement necklace featuring a collection of irregular shaped stones and patterned materials including glass and semi-precious stones.

Part of a collection of modern jewellery pieces inspired by the cultures of the world, hand made by skilled craftsmen and local artisans in Manila, Philippines by BEA VALDES.


Born and raised in Manila Bea Valdes comes from a family with a history in Fine Jewellery that spans three generations. Inspired by a variety of cultures, Bea Valdes makes distinctive embroidered handbags and striking statement jewellery pieces.

Hand made in her native Philippines by local craftsmen and skilled artisans, Bea Valdes received the prestigious TOYM award for her dedication to the embroidered arts and her significant contributions to her country and fellow countrymen.


Metal Alloy, Glass, Semi Precious, Jasper, Leather, Satin


Weight 203 gms