Bare Your Courage

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The Bare Your Courage luxury wireless headset is a beautiful ultra lightweight wireless headset adorned with Swarovski Elements XILION crystals. Bold in pink and gold, the back of this bright pendant has a simple 3‐button control and connects via Bluetooth. With ten hours of music playing time and incredible sound quality, Bare Your Courage is compatible with a range of devices including Apple and Android mobile phones.

From the J’adore Adorn Luxury Wireless Headset collection, these pieces combine unique flair and freedom of expression with a sense of real artistry and ingenuity.

J’adore Adorn is a collection of luxury wireless headsets designed for the independent woman who likes to accessorise.  Founded by Seetal Fatania, this unique collection of ultra lightweight necklace-style headsets embellished with Swarovski crystals, has already been a sell out in UK department stores Selfridges and Harrods.


18k Gold Coated Beads
Gold Coloured Pendant


Swarovski Xilion Crystals

Size Options:

Weight: 45g

Please Note:

Charging time: 2 hours
Standby time: 150 hours
Headsets contain small crystals and are not suitable for children