Beautiful Earth Short Jacket Earrings

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The Beautiful Earth Short Jacket Earrings in Emerald Green are gold plated and feature green Swarovski crystals.

These earrings reflect the lines of Beautiful Earth in shining Emerald Green Swarovski Crystals. Against a gold-plated backdrop, these earrings have a detachable Denim Blue crystal that can be removed as you change up your look. Wear them to lunch during the day, then onto an evening cocktail.

Launched in 2007 by Nadja Swarovski, Atelier Swarovski is an innovative business creating luxury fashion jewellery collections in collaboration with high profile and cutting-edge designers from the world of fashion, jewellery and architecture.

Shimmering in a spectrum of green crystals, the documentary-maker and conservationist’s Beautiful Earth collection supports the preservation of our planet and supports The Nature Conservancy.


Brass (gold plated)


Swarovski crystal