Freya Earrings

Price: £265.00
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The Freya Earrings are composed of 24k gold plated brass with tones of blue nano plating.

Inspired by the Goddess of love and beauty, this stunning pair of earrings are part of the new season’s arrival to the signature Iconic Rox collection from Bex Rox.

Bex Rox Jewellery is hand made in the UK using semi precious stones, hand-dyed ribbons and gold plated chains. All of the pieces are vintage inspired, but with an eclectic feel making Bex Rox jewellery unique.

Having grown up in Menorca, the Balearic Islands, Bex Rox explores her passion for culture, colour and texture by taking inspiration from the world around her.  The combination of traditional methods, cultural influences and modern techniques incorporated in her work, are what makes her chic edgy pieces highly sought after fashion jewellery pieces of today…

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24kt Gold Plated Brass