Global Goal #13 – Earth Hoop Earrings

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The Global Goal #13 Earth Hoop Earrings in Vermeil (925 Sterling silver gold plated 2.5 micron) with zircon.

Global Goal #13: Climate Action. Let’s fight climate change by supporting this educational and innovative goal! This charm of our home, the earth, is an symbol for you to remember what is important and what we’re fighting to protect.

With Love Darling have interpreted each of the 17 Global Goals as symbols that can be worn in different ways enabling the wearer to forge a connection with the goals and spread the word. Each of the 17 timeless jewellery charms can be collected and worn as necklace, bracelet earring or keychain to represent the Goal that is most precious to you.


Vermeil (925 Sterling silver gold plated 2.5 micron)


Pendant - 10 x 10mm