Surreal Dream Eye Ring

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The Surreal Dream Eye Ring is gold plated and features Swarovski crystal and Swarovski crystal pearl.

This ring has been expertly crafted with a mesmerising tearful eye design embellished by Sapphire Blue Swarovski crystals and a pearl with brilliant sheen. Style this effortlessly from day to night. Surreal Dream is a collection inspired by surrealism. Featuring distinctive motifs of tearful eyes and heart-shaped lips, this sparkling collection is spellbinding and glitters with character.

Launched in 2007 by Nadja Swarovski, Atelier Swarovski is an innovative business creating luxury fashion jewellery collections in collaboration with high profile and cutting-edge designers from the world of fashion, jewellery and architecture.


Brass (gold plated)


Swarovski Crystal
Swarovski Crystal Pearl