Earring Zero 3 – Diamonds in White Gold

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Earring Zero 3 is made from 18k white gold with uncut diamonds. Handsome and sturdy, this multi-wear earring is a blend of contraries that comes with a detachable polki cluster.

Part of the 10.18 launch collection of exquisite fine jewellery from IVAR by Ritika Ravi.  Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, combine gems with white or yellow gold. The gems, a mirror of the striking natural colours that paint the Maldives islands include uncut polki diamonds and rose cut blue sapphires. The unique association of gold, the natural element of the gems, and the beautiful designs result in the relaxed, yet elegant collection.

Ivar is a fine jewelry brand, the creative vision of designer Ritika Ravi, born in India and launched in the Maldives. Inspired by the designer’s experiences and the laid-back lifestyle of the Maldives, Ivar’s jewelry combines the best of Indian craftsmanship and contemporary designs resulting in exclusive and inimitable pieces.


18k White Gold


0.41ct Stud and 1.87cts Jacket Uncut Diamonds


L: 9.60 mm
W: 8.45 mm
H: 2.50 mm
H (with post): 15 mm

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