Infinitas Cuff with Diamonds

The Infinitas Cuff with Diamonds is a contemporary cuff in 18 karat White Gold, set with 6.40 carats of sparkling White Diamonds.

Part of the Infinitas Collection by Lily Gabriella. Infinitas marries the natural with the sculptural; smooth, undulating lines that echo images of the clearest blue sky, of rolling clouds and ripples on the water. The collection is also strong and shield like, the pieces providing a protective armour while they take on an almost talismanic quality.

Price: £19,000.00
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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and based in Monaco, Lily Gabriella ‘s unique fine jewellery collections reflect different aspects of her life experience.  Both the Infinitas and Spira collections are a definitive representation of her work,  which combines organic, sculptural shapes, entwined with heraldry and a contemporary edge, designed for the discerning woman.


18 karat White Gold


White Diamonds 6.40 carats