Kaleidoscope White Topaz Ring

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Kaleidoscope White Topaz Ring from the Kaleidoscope Collection – hand made by Rose Carvalho in 18kt white gold with white topaz.

Rose Carvalho designs and cuts white topaz into kaleidoscope shapes turning them into lenses that draw one’s eyes to a stimulating visual experience. From within everything originates to the centre everything converges stunning beams of light journey to the centre in order to expand, generate and create fructify and once more, restarts.

Rose Carvahlo is one of the most talented fine jewellery designers to hit the Brazilian jewellery scene.

Inspired by the works of Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, Her pioneering collections combine precious stones with gold using lenses that play with our sense of perception and proportion. Diamonds capture the light, just as stars light up the universe…


18kt White Gold


White Topaz
Total weight - 10.6gr

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Available in UK size L