Mandala of Contemplation Ring

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Mandala of Contemplation Ring handmade by Rose Carvalho, in 18ct white gold and palladium featuring 18ct yellow gold, crystal quartz and diamonds.

Part of the LENSES collection, this unique ring is inspired by the five-point star and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Rose shapes the Crystal quarts like a lens to show a star created in matte and polished sections. The central diamond is the light that emanates from the center to the tips of the star, represented by five diamonds.

Rose Carvahlo is one of the most talented fine jewellery designers to hit the Brazilian jewellery scene.

Inspired by the works of Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, Her pioneering collections combine precious stones with gold using lenses that play with our sense of perception and proportion. Diamonds capture the light, just as stars light up the universe…


18ct White Gold
18ct Yellow Gold


34.82ct Crystal quartz
0.33ct Diamonds


Weight: 21.8g

Size Options:

UK - K
US - 5 1/2
EU - 51