Double Orbit Earring Multiplier

Price: £1,320.00
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The Double Orbit Earring Multiplier is a sculptural combination of two individual earring attachments in 18 Karat Yellow Gold. Incredibly versatile, these pieces can be worn together in a manner that is reminiscent of orbital rings or worn separately. Slides on to the bar of any pierced earring before fastening in the ear.

A new earring concept from Daou Jewellery, these pieces act as beautiful accents to the Spark earrings or Sunset Sunrise Light earring studs, also available at La Maison Couture, as well as any earrings you already have in your collection.


Dalia Daou Jewellery is a London based Fine Jewellery brand, relaunched by Dalia Daou, the third generation designer whose unique, eye-catching jewellery designs are set to revive the glamorous 1930’s Beirut brand – Admired and desired by Hollywood’s rich and famous and worn by Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and HRH Queen Elizabeth II..

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Solid Yellow Gold 18K


Gold Weight 14.3g.
Hoop diameter 3.5cm.