Sunray Necklace

Price: £4,895.00
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The Sunray Necklace is handcrafted in Germany, made from German recycled 18 carat gold. In minimal, iconic lines, the rays gently nestle against your skin – each bar is carefully hand polished and soldered together by hand. With Maren Jewellery’s Sunray necklace, you’re choosing the sun and a piece of jewellery made with passionate craftsmanship.

Part of Maren Jewellery’s Sunrays Collection – “The sun sends its rays to the earth and everything that is touched by them begins to grow and transform. It is the power of the sun that inspired us for this collection. Because the sun leads the way: with simple, clear lines it creates moving beauty. This collection is a tribute to the aesthetics of clean, minimal lines, to the power of sunny lightness and to timeless design. Shine bright, my love.”

Maren Jewellery only use recycled gold and silver for their jewellery; Urban mining protects our environment and minimises the use of energy. All of their diamonds are lab-grown, so they know who grew them and under what conditions.


18ct Recycled Yellow Gold


Length - 42cm