The Essential Ring

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The Essential Ring is handcrafted in Germany, made from German recycled 18 carat gold. A ring like a whisper, graceful and simple design meets finely crafted artwork. Let Maren Jewellery’s timeless Essential ring speak where words fail and give your love a uniquely individual expression.

Part of Maren Jewellery’s The Essence Collection – “In the midst of the noise and the ever-faster spinning world, we long for the oases of simplicity and purity, for the essence, the clarity. For our The Essence collection, we went back to what first fascinated us about jewellery: the clean lines and the reduced, minimal design. It doesn’t always have to be more – this reduction has led us to beautiful simple jewellery pieces. Be pure and simple.”

Maren Jewellery only use recycled gold and silver for their jewellery; Urban mining protects our environment and minimises the use of energy. All of their diamonds are lab-grown, so they know who grew them and under what conditions.


18ct Recycled Yellow Gold


Width - 1.5mm
Depth - 1.1mm

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Available in Sizes 40-66