Wilderness Earrings

Price: £1,895.00
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The Wilderness Earrings are handcrafted in Germany, made from German recycled 18 carat gold and featuring 38 synthetic Eco diamonds from Switzerland on the front. Like a waterfall in the most beautiful sunlight, simple, still and clear, the stones run along the delicate earring.

Part of Maren Jewellery’s Wilderness Collection – “When life around us becomes too noisy and too hectic, we retreat to nature and breathe in its wild, healing peace with deep breaths, letting ourselves fall into the beauty of the wilderness. And when we come back to our everyday life, we still carry them with us, the signs of nature. For the Wilderness Collection, we have translated this experience into beautiful pieces of jewellery that carry the wilderness within them. Because we believe that we can all use a little bit of wilderness here and there…Be wild, my love.”

Maren Jewellery only use recycled gold and silver for their jewellery; Urban mining protects our environment and minimises the use of energy. All of their diamonds are lab-grown, so they know who grew them and under what conditions.


18ct Recycled Yellow Gold


Synthetic Eco Diamonds


Length - 18mm
Width - 1.9mm
Height - 1.5mm
Depth - 6.5mm