Sinkhwa Necklace

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The Sinkhwa Necklace is a matching necklace to the traditional Sinkhwa Cuff. Both pieces feature the traditional protective animal heads – usually lions or dragons. Similarly the necklace is embellished with lions heads at each end. This necklace celebrates the repoussage techniques for which Nepali goldsmiths and silversmiths are famous. Repoussage is a metalworking technique which is often used in Himalayan jewellery and ritual objects, where the ornament is shaped using a hammering technique.

Part of a collection of ethically sourced jewellery handmade by individual artisans in Nepal for Kaligarh jewellery.

Kaligarh (meaning “artisan” in Nepali”) is a contemporary jewellery brand founded by Jyoti Upadhyay, that promotes the work of Himalayan artisans, whilst creating opportunities in Nepal for local craftsman. Kaligarh is a recognised Fair Trade Supplier and is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum. Read more…



Sterling Silver


adjustable 15-17" silver chain