Ajna Paved Diamonds Necklace

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The Ajna Paved Diamonds Necklace is a necklace available in 18kt rose or white gold, adorned with white diamonds and a purple Amethyst stone and a clasp in the form of a tinyOm signature meditation symbol. The 7 Chakras are the spiritual energy centres within the body. Ajna is the serenity chakra, related to the colour purple. It represents our ability to focus and look within.

Part of the Précieux Chakra Collection by tinyOm. Inspired by the seven chakras, the Précieux Chakra pieces paved with diamonds are the most precious reminder of the oneness of life.

tiny Om – jewellery for the soul, is a unique collection of symbollic jewellery inspired by the yogic mantra ‘Om’ celebrating protective purpose, purity and the birth of the universe.

Based on the precious Chakra symbols, each piece is handcrafted in 18 carat rose or white gold using ethically sourced diamonds, in the workshops of the Al Zain, the oldest jewellery house in the Middle East.


18kt Rose Gold / 18kt White Gold


Brilliant-cut ethically sourced diamonds
Purple Amethyst


Pendant diameter is 1.6 cm.
This necklace is adjustable to 2 separate lengths of 40 cm or 43 cm.