Tanoura Dancer Pendant

Price: £360.00
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This extraordinary and unique pendant necklace features the shape of a twirling ‘Tanoura’ Sufi dancer, adorned with words sung by the Egyptian legend Umm-Kulthoum.

The inscription on this piece reads:
“The heart adores all that is beautiful, I was yours before you uttered a word. I taught you but you haven’t learned.”
Words by M. Birm Al Tunisy, composed by R. Sonobaty, 1972.

Egyptian born contemporary jewellery designer Azza Fahmy trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

This commemorative collection is a celebration for Egypt’s icon Umm Kulthum.

Each jewel has been made with love, taken on a journey together with more than 200 skilled artisans, designers and creative individuals. Every piece unveils an emotional story capturing a moment in a time capsule and a place in history.


Sterling Silver