The Pristine Necklace – White

Price: £260.00
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The Pristine Necklace is a one of a kind necklace, rhythmically handcrafted using Begada’s innovative style of beading, arrangement of navettes, pear shaped stones and glamorously positioned tubes, finished off with a signature faux leather backing for a fabulous skin feel all night long..

Part of a collection of exquisite beaded jewellery pieces handcrafted in Begada’s Mumbai studio using Premium Quality and exclusively sourced materials.

B Gada is an India based Designer Jewellery brand specialising in hand stitched, intricate jewellery pieces and decorative fashion accessories made with Austrian Crystal and exclusively developed materials sourced specifically for his collections.


Crystal Beading
Faux Leather


Length 20.32cm, Width 28cm, Drop 18cm
Weight 170g

Made to Order:

2-4 weeks