Constantine Necklace

Price: £120.00
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The Constantine Necklace is made from gold plated sterling silver, and was cast from an original bronze Roman coin. One side shows the head of Emperor Constantine most famous for his conversion to Christianity. On the reverse there is Sol Invictus or “unconquered sun”, the God and patron of soldiers. The edges and surfaces are beautifully worn by the passage of time.

This necklace is perfect for layering and looks wonderful worn with many of Deborah Blyth’s other pendants.

Each piece of jewellery by Deborah Blyth is created from start to finish within a small area of North London. Designs are hand crafted through the process of lost wax casting in her studio, and gold plating takes place nearby in Hatton garden.  Many pieces are embellished with baroque pearls or semi precious stones for everyday luxury that can be worn from day to night.  Deborah ensures the highest quality in all her creations.



24ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Pendant - 2cm x 1.9cm
Chain Length - 18 inches