Pearl Ear Cuff

Price: £45.00
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The Pearl Ear Cuff is made from 18ct yellow gold vermeil, and features a delicate thread of freshwater pearls.

This ear cuff by Miphologia Jewelry is the must-have accessory for those who love a classic and elegant look. Comfortable to wear and easily adjustable, this is a more ornate cuff for when you want to add a bit more opulence.

The recycled metals that are used for Miphologia Jewelry’s pieces are mainly production waste, previously made jewellery, or other objects that are melted down and reused. Lab created cubic zirconia are used in their jewellery rather than natural diamonds. This all helps to lower the impacts of mining and protect the limited resources that nature can offer. Miphologia also take pride in sourcing their pearls from carefully cultivated and ethically farmed sources.


18ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Freshwater Pearls


Outer Diameter - 25mm
Inner Diameter -12mm
Thickness Of Base - 2.2mm
Pearl Diameter - 3.1mm-5mm