Sarilla Earrings

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The Sarilla Earrings feature 18kt gold vermeil  hoops and are decorated with Swarovski rainbow crystals and pearls. They are handmade in Thailand by talented female master artisans.

These earrings are the perfect eye catching design you can wear all summer long. Each piece is intricately handmade with Swarvoski crystals and freshwater pearls . Though statement in size, each piece feels lightweight and comfortable. Wear them with your hair up or bun for a beautiful focal point.

Ileana Quinones is the founder and creative director of ARTISANS OF IQ. A Puerto Rican native who lives in New York, Ileana remembers her early years in the island where there always seemed to be an explosion of colour – the fiery red Flamboyant tree cradling the roof of her grandparents’ home and the dazzling, coloured masks and costumes of the vejigante masqueraders during the carnival celebrations.

While traveling in Cambodia a few years ago, she met many talented women who were skilled in using traditional methods with indigenous materials to produce handmade items which they sold in the markets to support their families. She also encountered local groups focused on re-energizing the ancient art of silk weaving. Ileana was inspired by the innovation and resourcefulness of these women and wanted to give them a voice and an opportunity to share their creativity with the world while shedding a light on Cambodia’s rich silk and metal work traditions. It was this driving force that motivated her to create ARTISANS OF IQ.



18kt yellow gold vermeil


Swarovski Rainbow Crystals


Length - 7cm

Please Note:

Comes with ARTISANS OF IQ signature blue and gold embroidered logo pouch made from recycled costumes & left-over fabrics that make Sampot- Khmer evening dress