Avalanche Earrings

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The Anomaly Avalanche Earrings by Zydrune made in Sterling Silver and Silicon Carbide. Handmade in the heart of London, keeping innovative and ethical jewellery making at the forefront of the production.

One of the most versatile and truly iconic jewellery items, these earrings recreate the visual appearance of a large amount falling snow. As the Avalanches that occur in nature, designer statement earrings have the frosty snow and ice look, and are accompanied by detachable chains that closely represent sliding avalanches. Known, and also identified as ‘spontaneous’ avalanches, these natural occurrences are both breath-taking and extremely dangerous. Exclusively designed to be worn with or without the chains, Anomaly Avalanche earrings provide a touch of uniqueness and exceptionality.

Zydrune Auksoriute – creates exceptional artist jewellery for the modern woman. Her high-end, modern and ethically made jewellery designs reflect the needs of today’s woman’s lifestyle. As a result, bringing back the importance of creativity and ethical production, alongside sophisticated and sustainable jewellery design practice.


Sterling Silver
Silicon Carbide


Main Part Height - 36.5mm
Detachable Chain Length - 14cm

Please Note:

As every jewellery piece is crafted by a hand, each individual design will slightly vary from one another.