Lotus Hand-Carved Emerald Pendant

Price: £3,500.00
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The Lotus Hand-Carved Emerald Pendant has been handmade in the designer’s workshops. The hand-carved emerald is set in 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver hand-engraving work. It is capped with an emerald set in 18ct gold.  The pendant comes with a long 32 inch pearl and green onyx beaded chain. The long chain can be slid off if you want to wear it with a shorter chain for a different look if required.

This gorgeous one-of-a-kind pendant is part of Emma Chapman Jewels’ Fine Jewellery Collection.

Emma Chapman Jewels seeks to create beautiful, handcrafted jewellery without causing harm either to the local people or to the wider environment. All efforts are made to avoid gemstones that may have come from mines that are run unethically or create undue harm to the environment.


18ct Yellow Gold
Sterling Silver


Green Onyx

All gemstones have been locally and ethically sourced by craftspeople making the jewellery


Chain Length - 32 inches
Pendant Width - 30mm
Pendant Length - 45mm