Lela 3-Way Hammered Brass Earrings

Price: £55.00
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The Lela 3-way Hammered Brass Earrings are the most versatile piece in the Yala collection. You can wear them as simple circle studs, or a half moon piece can be added to create a more substantial earring, or you can wear them as ear jackets with the circle stud in front and the half-moon behind the ear lobe.

Made from pure recycled brass that has been cast and hammered by hand, they are securely affixed to 14k gold fill ear pins, meaning you can comfortably wear them all day long.  These earrings were made by a Yala artisan just outside of Nairobi.

Yala is an African jewellery brand designed for the modern woman, creating ethical jewellery that is made to last.  All collaborators are paid fairly and materials are eco-friendly.  The small batch collections are made exclusively for Yala with minimum impact on the environment.


Recycled brass


Height - 2.5cm
Width - 2cm