Tiny Clouds Necklace

Price: £855.00
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The Tiny Clouds Necklace is a simple and elegant handcrafted every day necklace in 18 karat ethically sourced

Pink Gold, set with a little Rainbow Quartz 0.5ct pendant, featuring a small Diamond 0.02ct. The adjustable chain means this necklace can be worn at a shorter or longer length.

From the Clouds Collection by Vieri, inspired by the aerial and ethereal elements in our lives. It is an attempt to embody the thoughts of countless generations of women, to capture their ideas, dreams and desires 
and to convey them to a mysterious, unknown world beyond our understanding.

Vieri’s fine jewellery collections are designed for the modern day woman and all the different facets she represents. Combining strrength with softness, colour with subtlety, statement rings verses delicate bracelets. Every facet of a woman is mirrored in each collection.

VIERI is one of the first genuinely sustainable luxury brands in the international market, creating high-end jewellery using ethically sourced gold and the world’s foremost precious stones.


Pink Gold 18 Karat


Rainbow Quartz 0.5ct
Diamond 0.02ct