Rock It! Band Ring with Champagne Diamonds

Ornella Iannuzzi
Price: £3,700.00
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“Rock It!” Band Ring set in 18k Rose Gold with Champagne Diamonds by Ornella Iannuzzi

Part of a collection of Fine Jewellery by Ornella Iannuzzi based on the geometrically correct polygon: the dodecahedron.”My reason for using this particular shape, and not another one, is because I am fascinated by its mathematical complexity and all the theories that are related to the dodecahedron. It symbolises the quintessence of life, the Ether according to the Alchemical approach” says Ornella. It was also suggested to be the actual shape of the universe in modern Cosmology…

Unusual settings are Ornella Iannuzzi forte and each suits the featured gem which can be cut, rough or hand-carved. Her style is highly distinctive & powerful and it combines the souls of high fashion and avant-garde into incredibly adventurous pieces that are decidedly individualistic and dramatic.


Ornella Iannuzzi’s “RockIt!” collection comes as a continuation of her famous line “Les Exceptionelles” which includes unique jewellery pieces set with uncut gemstones. The natural crystallisation of precious stones has become the DNA of her work.  For the basis of this range, Ornella has used the geometrically correct polygone: the platonic body of a dodecahedron.

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18k Rose Gold


Champagne Diamonds 0.70cts