Rome – Scented Candle

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The Rome Scented Candle has an unforgettable harmonious scent of Myrrh, china cinnamon and honey. Reminiscent of enchanting and unforgettable memories of the balmy streets of Rome..

Part of a unique collection of scented candles by Laduree. Originally created to celebrate 150 years of Laduree, the collection comprised of four candles called ‘Les Capitales’ which represented the four capitals of the world, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo.  Today as Laduree continue to travel the world opening beautiful Laduree boutiques and patisseries, they have expanded the collection to include more cities including, Rome, Singapore and Los Angeles…

Founded in 1862 in Paris’ Rue Royal by Louis Ernest Laduree, Laduree quickly became famous for its beautiful Tea Houses. Over time, they have become hailed as the Louis Vuitton of pastries and are best-known for their heavenly macaroons. Today, under the watchful eye of David Holder, Laduree have extended their repertoire to incorporate the highly desirable Secrets and Beauty line of Laduree Limited Edition Scented Candles and Gift products.



Laduree Scented Candles have a burn time of 55h


Laduree Scented candles are made of mineral wax and have a 100% cotton wick