Soulstates Candle Gift Set

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The Soulstates Candle Gift Set is fragrant with bergamot and basil (Joy); Iris, Lavender and Amber (Calm), Vetiver, Amber and Moss (Peace); Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla (Love). Surrender to your senses and your soul, bring balance into your life. Kalmar gives you the power to change the way you feel every day through self-care, intention and self-discovery. Release the unnecessary and re-align yourself to the true nature of joy, calm, peace and sensual living. Embrace sacred moments of happiness.

Part of a collection of wellness products by Kalmar

Kalmar Jewellery is designed exclusively by fine jewellery Sian Evans. All pieces are created using recycled and recyclable materials, metals and stones. Sian likes to know the provenance of all her materials and only works with trusted suppliers and makers that are local, and able to maintain the high standards that are synonomous with the brand.


The candle blend contains natural vegetable wax, and the wicks are lead-free and made from pure cotton.
Approx. 20h burn time for each candle
Peace - Passionflower, Lime Flower, Gardenia Stem Cells, Amethyst Extract.
Joy - Rhodiola, Cocoa, Orange Extract, Amber Gemstone Extract.
Calm - Passionflower, Lime Flower, Gardenia Stem Cells, Amethyst Extract.
Love - Velvet Bean, Edelweiss, Rose Stem Cells, Ruby Gemstone Extract.


Length - 14.5cm
Width - 12cm

Please Note:

All products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Kalmar use sustainably sourced ingredients and gemstones, along with FSC certified sustainable packaging.