Numerology Ruby Bracelet 8

Price: £425.00
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The Numerology Ruby Bracelet 8 is set in 18kt yellow gold and adorned with white sapphires. 

To find your special numerology, you will need to add your date of birth for the date, month and year separately until you achieved a single digit. For example for a birthdate on the 6nd of January 1972 your numerology calculation is as follows 0+6=6 (date), 0+1=1 (month) and 1+9+7+2=19==> 1+9=10 ==> 1+0=1 (year). You will need to add 6+1+1=8.

GFG Jewellery by Nilufer is a London based British Jewellery Company specialising in elegant Fine Jewellery that encapsulates timeless beauty. Nilufer designs with the vision that jewellery should be perceived as effortlessly elegant, chic and a pleasure to wear.


18kt Yellow Gold


White Sapphires