Sagana Brass Nugget Necklace

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The Sagana Brass Nugget Necklace features 7 hand-shaped geometric brass nuggets strung onto a fine gold forçat chain. It sits right on your collarbones when worn, making it ideal for layering with a longer necklace. The balanced weight of the nuggets and the delicate chain make it so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but the striking design means that everyone will notice it. Say hello to your new favourite necklace.

This necklace was made by a Yala artisan just outside of Nairobi.

Yala is an African jewellery brand designed for the modern woman, creating ethical jewellery that is made to last.  All collaborators are paid fairly and materials are eco-friendly.  The small batch collections are made exclusively for Yala with minimum impact on the environment.


Recycled brass
Gold fill


Chain Length - 40cm
Each nugget is approx 0.5cm wide