Ethical Fine Jewellery and Sustainable Brands

Pristine Ear Cuffs by Begada

Pristine Ear Cuffs

Price: £160.00
Muse Necklace Metallic Grey by Begada

Muse Necklace Metallic Grey

Price: £240.00
Muse Necklace Black and Teal by Begada

Muse Necklace Black and Teal

Price: £240.00
Muse Necklace Grey and Fuschia by Begada

Muse Necklace Grey and Fuschia

Price: £240.00
Beautix Earrings – Gold by Begada

Beautix Earrings – Gold

Price: £105.00
Beautix Earrings – Forest by Begada

Beautix Earrings – Forest

Price: £105.00
Beautix Earrings – Blue by Begada

Beautix Earrings – Blue

Price: £105.00
Beautix Earrings – Red by Begada

Beautix Earrings – Red

Price: £105.00
Beautix Earrings – Green by Begada

Beautix Earrings – Green

Price: £105.00
Beautix Necklace – Gold by Begada

Beautix Necklace – Gold

Price: £245.00
Beautix Necklace – Forest by Begada

Beautix Necklace – Forest

Price: £245.00
Beautix Necklace – Blue by Begada

Beautix Necklace – Blue

Price: £245.00
Beautix Necklace – Red by Begada

Beautix Necklace – Red

Price: £245.00
Beautix Necklace – Green by Begada

Beautix Necklace – Green

Price: £245.00
Sheen Tasseled Earrings – Gunmetal by Begada

Sheen Tasseled Earrings – Gunmetal

Price: £70.00
Gravity Necklace – Gold by Begada

Gravity Necklace – Gold

Price: £240.00
Dancing Peacock Earrings by Begada

Dancing Peacock Earrings

Price: £100.00
Gravity Necklace – Montana by Begada

Gravity Necklace – Montana

Price: £240.00
Riviera Statement Beaded Necklace by Begada

Riviera Statement Beaded Necklace

Price: £340.00
Riviera Statement Necklace – Gunmetal by Begada

Riviera Statement Necklace – Gunmetal

Price: £340.00
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