Ethical Fine Jewellery and Sustainable Brands

The Responsible Jewellery Edit @Positiveluxury


August 15 2017 / by Sophie Corfan

At La Maison Couture we aim to build an awareness of responsible jewellery production and encourage our customers to ‘buy better’. By promoting luxury brands that use ethically sourced materials and have a positive impact on social and environmental change, we hope to play a part in changing the jewellery industry for the better…

Positive Luxury is a guide to positive living. The award winning company behind the Butterfly Mark, a trust mark awarded to brands that are committed to improving our society and the planet. Positive luxury identifies and connects lifestyle brands with a community of consumers that want to experience luxury without compromising their values.

We were delighted to share our appreciation of ethical jewellery with the team @positiveluxury and explain why we are committed to promoting responsible jewellery brands at La Maison Couture.

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