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The Stories We Wear: Tales From My Jewellery Box with Meher Jewellery

Welcome to our new series: The Stories We Wear: Tales From My Jewellery Box. Join us as chat to our TRAIL-BLAZING jewellery designers about some of their most prized sparkles, discovering the stories behind the pieces and why they hold so much meaning.

For our first guest of the season, we are delighted to welcome the exceptionally talented Meher from Meher Jewellery. Initially an interior designer, Meher started out making jewellery for friends, creating pieces to be worn as talismans of hope and inspiration and since then she hasn’t stopped! Meher’s collections, made from RECYCLED GOLD and precious and semi-precious stones, are exquisitely HANDCRAFTED in Dubai, with each piece of Meher Jewellery acting as an intimate reminder of human heart, soul and strength. With an exceptional eye for intricate detail and elegance, and the importance of using SUSTAINABLY SOURCED MATERIALS, Meher is pushing creative boundaries within the industry.

And did you know – Meher is also proficient in ancient weaving. She says:

“Beyond its aesthetic appeal, I found the process of weaving to be incredibly therapeutic. Weaving became a meditative practice, where each rhythmic movement of the shuttle and the gentle click of the loom created a harmonious symphony. It was in this process that I found solace and a profound connection to the transformative power of creativity.”

So let’s kick off,  please set the scene, where are you?

I am in Dubai. I have been in Dubai now for 17 years having previously lived in London for 7 years. But I grew up in Pakistan in Karachi, where I went to school and attended art school. It is here that I learnt about the incredible art of weaving. 

Is there a place you’ve aways wanted to visit or a travel experience that’s on your bucket list?

Kenya is top of my list! I’m desperate to go on a safari. I want to see the animals in their natural habitat over there. I love animals but to be able to see them in their natural environment and see their behaviours would be beautiful. And of course, experience the culture and the cuisine. Fingers crossed for next year, it is something to work towards.

Animals and traveling aside, let’s talk about your jewellery. What is the first piece that you would like to share with us and why does it hold so much significance to you?

I’m going to start from the beginning and talk about the heirloom necklace that was given to me on my wedding day, which I wore with matching earrings. Previously they belonged to my mother and before that my grandmother so we are talking GENERATIONS OLD.

The pieces were made in my grandmother’s home. Back in the day, craftsmen would come to your home and put together the piece for you there and then. Although the colour and design of the piece was important, the amount of gold that the jewellery contained was most significant. JEWELLERY WAS GIVEN AS AN ACT OF SECURITY and that is why, for me, jewellery has never just been a decorative piece, it has real value and the reason why I work with gold. 

Your next piece looks very different, can you share the design and shory behind this one?

This necklace is very different! I made this from diamonds and gold from other jewellery pieces that friends and family had gifted me, pieces that I no longer wore and had tucked away in little bags. And this is how Meher Jewellery was formed. It made sense to use gold and stones that were no longer worn and TRANSFORMING THEM INTO SOMETHING NEW. Gold is a material that can be CONTINUOUSLY RECYCLED, it never loses it value. There is a lot of gold out there that we should be reusing, not mining for more and destroying our planet.

I have a lot of clients coming to me, giving me their old jewellery to melt and asking me to make something new out of it. I love the RENEWAL PROCESS and giving back an item of jewellery that I know they will cherish, not just aesthetically but emotionally too.

What about a piece from your Meher Jewellery collection – why have you chosen this one in particular?

This is the Solar Necklace and is made from RECYCLED and ETHICALLY SOURCED 18K gold, with black, white and champagne diamonds. The pieces in this series are to do with the sun, moon and stars because for me they are symbols of hope and faith. 

Starting my brand came from a VERY PERSONAL PLACE that inspired the launch of my first collection. It came from a story of hope and strength and that is what it means to a lot of my customers. Each piece that we make has an emotional story to it, giving the wearer the strength that they need to have faith in themselves, faith in the universe.

Jewellery are PIECES OF OUR SOUL, STORIES OF OUR LIVES, and I believe jewellery should be worn. ENJOY WEARING IT, don’t worry about it getting dirty or tarnished – just give it a polish!

And for our final question we would love to know: If you could design a piece of jewellery for any public figure, past or present, who would it be and why?

It has to be Tina Turner! Not just because of her musical brilliance but it’s HER STORY. It’s everything she’s had to endure through her life, and how she came out of it so beautifully with such strength and grace and dignity. She’s an icon of RESILIENCE and STRENGTH and I admire that enormously. So I would love to be able to create a wearable tribute, so to speak, that embodies that whole emotion.

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