As a multi-channel global marketplace dedicated to showcasing positive impact jewellery brands, we believe we have a duty to our customers to share the basis on which we select brands for our boutique.

Aside from exceptional quality and design, supply chain transparency is a must. We and our customers, expect our brands to know where their materials come from, the people and processes involved and their impact on the environment and society as a whole.

Our brands are assessed on a five point sustainability criteria, ensuring that we remain true to our reputation as a progressive and supportive platform, whilst building trust and loyalty with our growing community of conscious consumers.

This, along with our alignment with the Global Sustainable Development Goals, exemplifies how La Maison Couture’s vision for a more conscious and sustainable jewellery industry can be transformative for both people and planet.

Our Brand Criteria

Ethical Production

Includes: The use of fair trade or fair mined gold, best-practice in jewellery-making and ensuring safe, non-toxic working conditions for miners and workers.

Responsible Sourcing

Includes: materials, gemstones sourced from certified, reliable sources that adhere to best practice methods of production. Certified by recognised standards of authority e.g RJC.

Artisanal Collaboration

Includes: working with artisans, using age old techniques, ancient methods, rooted in tradition to honour and preserve local art, heritage and culture for future generations.

Positive Impact

Includes: creating employment, providing education, teaching skills and supporting communities, empowering women, and positively impacting lives through jewellery making.

Circular & Regenerative

Includes: endorsing circular business models, brands embracing end-of-life strategies, innovative buy-back schemes and those that adopt a take-make-replace approach to resources.

Sustainable Development Goals x LMC

We are united in our mission to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and align with the following SDG’s 5: Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls / 6: Clean Water & Sanitation /12: Responsible Production & Consumption / 14: Life below Water /15: Life on Land


La Maison Couture Certified

In addition to our 5 point Brand Criteria, we are delighted to introduce our La Maison Couture Certified logo. This honorary badge recognises the outstanding impact work brands are doing for people and planet, leading the way for positive social and environmental change. Brands awarded our LMC Certified logo have displayed clear and exemplary ways they are contributing to sustainable development and innovation within the jewellery industry. We are excited to be awarding more of our brands our La Maison Couture Certified logo over the coming months.