Nostalgia Collection

Silver and Gold Bangle

A Satement Silver Bangle, Linked with Gold Discs Featuring Hand Pierced Floral Motifs from Azza Fahmy

Classic Chain Necklace

A Simple Yet Stylish Silver and Gold Pendant Necklace from Azza Fahmy Decorated with a Dainty Floral Chain and Calligraphy

Classic Dimensional Necklace

A Wonderfully Romantic Piece from Azza Fahmy. This Gorgeous Necklace Makes the Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Amber Cluster Charms Necklace

This Vibrant Stand Out Piece Draws it’s Inspiration from Azza Fahmy’s Previous Iconic Collecitons

Classic Lotus T-Lock Necklace

This Gorgeous Piece from Azza Fahmy Features a Silver and Gold Centre-Piece Adorned with Caligraphy and Colourful Tourmaline

Beaded Stone Cluster Pendant Necklace

A Beautifully Feminine Beaded Necklace from Azza Fahmy Featuring Her Signature Calligraphy Embellishment

Multi-Layered Eye Bracelet

A Beautiful Silver Multi-Layered T-Lock Bracelet Featuring Eye Motifs and an Iraqi Chain from Azza Fahmy

Stone Cluster Bracelet

A Wonderfully Vibrant Silver Bracelet Adorned with Layers of Colourful Amethyst and Crystal Stone Clusters

Layered Charm Bracelet

A Gorgeous Silver Layered T-Lock Charm Bracelet from the Nostalgia Collection by Egyptian Jewellery Designer Azza FAhmy

Classical Dimensional Earrings

These Classic Sterling Silver Earrings from Azza Fahmy will Take Your Effortlessly from Dawn til Dusk

Upturned Lotus Earrings

Delicate and Feminine Lotus Flower Earrings from the Nostalgia Colleciton by Egyptian Designer Azza Fahmy

Nekhbet Vulture Earrings

Fabulous Vulture Earrings from Azza Fahmy which Symbolise the Goddess Nekhbet. A Wonderful Gift Suggestion

Hearts Ring

The Perfect Gift for A Loved One. This Ring from Azza Fahmy Bears Sentimental and Heartfelt Calligraphy

Winged Scarab Feather Ring

Offering the Wearer Protection, this Stunningly Evocative Ring is Part of Azza Fahmy’s Fabulous Nostalgia Collection

Stone Cluster Ring

A Wonderfully Vibrant Ring Crafted in Sterling Silver and Gold and Adorned with a Selection of Colourful Stones and Calligraphy

Classic Filigree Ring

A Classic Azza Fahmy Ring, Crafted in Sterling Silver and Gold and Decorated with Delicate Filigree Work and Calligraphy