DIY Mask Kit – Monochrome

Price: £21.00
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Make-Your-Own DIY Mask Kit – Monochrome for when a necessity becomes an accessory, make your own sustainable, reusable mask in 100% cotton.

The kit includes: 1 skein of 100% cotton iota yarn, crochet hook #3, elastic bands with stoppers, knitting instructions, online tutorial available.

Iota is a luxury accessories brand and social enterprise promoting the art of crochet and empowering women from underprivileged communities.  All pieces and kits are hand-made and prepared by local women who have been taught the skills of crochet and who are able to carry out their careful hand-work from the safety of their homes.


Approximate size - 20 cm wide, 14 cm high
Sizes may slightly vary as objects are hand made by you