Claws of the Hound Cuff

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The Claws of the Hound Cuff is an bold bracelet in 18kt Gold and Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver.

From the EURYDICE collection by NIOMO, inspired by the tragic Greek mythology of Orpheus and Eurydice and the mystical creatures they encounter on their journey.

‘She ran. Her bare feet pounding against the earth summoned a serpent, a viper. The reptile struck fangs plunging into the young woman’s ankle. In agony the dryad fell and before he could add his breath to hers her soul fled to the other land, the land below.’

NIOMO London is a British based contemporary jewellery brand founded by design duo Nina Khazani and Mona Thahoura Hadinejad. Inspired by the sentimental nature of jewellery, each piece of textural, cutting edge designed jewellery tells a story and draws inspiration from the designers’ multicultural backgrounds, mythological tale and their own personal experiences.



18kt Gold and Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver


Length 55mm, Opening 25mm