Vine Ring

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This unique Vine Ring by Completed Works is made from 18ct Yellow Gold and white diamonds. This stunning ring originally commissioned for a Christie’s auction in New York,  incorporates an extremely rare Italian marble which is no longer quarried.

Part of The Pillar Collection by brother and sister team Completed Works whose intellectual creations are formed around political and cultural  observations using high-quality materials and traditional techniques.


Founded by siblings Mark and Anna Jewsbury, the COMPLETEDWORKS brand is characterised by its experimental temperament, exacting standards and unceasing creative spirit.

Inspired by ruined architectures, the brand’s signature Pillar collection draws together the elegant, elongated, sometimes elaborate, architectural language of the classical column. Using specially selected marble and jadeite to complement the precious metal designs, the collection captures the fragility of constructions.


18ct Yellow Gold
Italian Marble


1.27ct diamonds

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