Fryd Diamond Earring

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The Fryd Diamond Earring is an elegant ear stud with diamonds set in a three-leaf clover design. The diamonds are cut to give optimal light reflection and show their sparkling beauty. Made in 18kt yellow gold, set with 3 brilliant-cut diamonds. This earring is sold individually.

Part of the Fryd Collection from Ro Copenhagen. “Gems are not just for the eye to behold, but for the nourishment of the soul. It has long been held that precious gemstones carry with them an energy, a healing force. This is as true for me today as for the ancients who first practiced the use of crystal healing. For me, working with gems brings about a sense of inner peace and balance. There is a silent pleasure in working with them that I like to think carries over to the one who eventually wears that gem close to their body. It is this continuous flow of energy that passes through each piece from FRYD Collection.” – Helle Leiberg Nissen – Jewellery designer & founder of RO Copenhagen.

At Ro Copenhagen, the jewellery is defined by timeless, minimal design and clean lines. You will find elegant and original styles within their collections. Designed with finesse and intention, Ro Copenhagen pieces are meticulously crafted with ethically sourced precious metals and unique gemstones of natural origin.


18kt Yellow Gold


3 brilliant-cut diamonds - 0.075ct

Please Note:

This earring is sold individually